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      LL 778-631-2021


      Phones will be activated to take donations during the broadst, from noon to 8 p.m.

      Make a donation online through the Foundation website and your name will be entered in the ke Draw.

      The Telethon will start at 12 Noon

      Watch and share the Telethon link with friends and family - thank you for your support and donations!

      Broadst starts 10/16/22 12:00pm (ending 10/16/22 8:00pm)

      CityWest will be broadsting the 43rd Aluminum City Telethon on Channel 10 (or 310 HD), Kitimat's Community Channel, or here at www.. Also, we would like to see you in person at the Mount Elizabeth Theatre!

      The Telethon will have a theatre audience this year, with

      • food vendors in the feteria
      • food trucks
      • the Grad r Wash
      • and a bouncy stle and activities in the Kidzone.